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How to Maximize Your Day at the Disney Theme Parks
                                                                               updated 3/11/17

"Discover the Best Secrets, Tips and Insider Information to use While Enjoying Your Day at Disneyland and Disney's California Adventure"

Learn the insider tips and secrets that will enable you to experience that "Magical" day in the Disneyland, California theme parks whether you're a first time visitor, or have visited the parks before.

Rebecca James
Travel Writer and Author of two e-books
35 Year Veteran Traveler to Disneyland, California
 On a busy summer day two families get ready to start their day at Disneyland.  Both families have been planning and saving for their vacation for months and are so excited that this day is finally here!

FAMILY #1 enters Disneyland ahead of the crowds, rides the attractions with minimal wait times, gets autographs from many Disney characters, has a great viewing spot for the parade, shows and fireworks, and spends a minimal amount of money on food and drinks.  They leave at the end of the day feeling satisfied that they were able to do most of the things that they wanted to do.  MEANWHILE,

FAMILY #2 waits in line to buy their tickets and then waits in another long line to enter Disneyland Park.  Once inside, they're overwhelmed by all of the wonderful things to see and do and have no idea where to start their day.  Once they make a decision and start their day, they continually find themselves waiting in long lines to ride the attractions.  This family is shocked by the prices for food and drinks.  They don't see many Disney characters and have a hard time finding a good spot to view the parade, shows and fireworks.  The day passes all too quickly and Family #2 runs out of time to do many of the things that they wanted to do.
        Which of these two groups of visitors to Disneyland will you be?

Hi - I'm Rebecca James. 
If you're like me, going to the Disneyland theme parks requires lots of budget planning and saving.  Since our family can only travel during the kid's school vacation time, we generally go to Disneyland during the busy times of the year.      

 Disneyland Resort Insider Tips Revealed  
  How to Maximize Your Day at the Disney Theme Parks

  Please note that this book is in e-Book form and is updated regularly.  (An e-Book is a book you read on your computer screen).  Since my e-Book is updated regularly, it is more current than other guidebooks you can buy.  You can also PRINT OUT all or a portion of this book to take with you on your Disneyland, California trip for easy reference.
   So, when we get to the Disneyland entrance gates, our goal is to ride all of our favorite attractions at least once, get the best spots for the fireworks, parades and shows, experience new and unusual things to do and buy, and much more - all while spending the least amount of time in lines and spending as little unplanned money as possible. 

     I've written a guide about the best tips, secrets and ways to maximize your day at the Disneyland, California theme parks. 

     I'm a travel writer, an author of two         e-Books and a 35 year travel veteran of the Disneyland theme parks in California.               (You can find all of my Disney articles at: www.ezinearticles.com/?expert=Rebecca_L_James )   I'm also a married mother of two children who love Disneyland as much as I do! 

      I've written this guide so
YOU will have the tools to plan your own personal trip, so that (like Family #1 in the example above), you will feel like you were able to do at least most of the things in Disneyland that are important to you. 

Here are the subjects you will find in my e-Book:
  • Tips for Pre-planning your Disneyland, California trip - did you know that you can download a printable PDF map of each theme park before you go?  Read this section to find out tips on what to bring, when and where to make reservations for Disneyland dining, preferred viewing for shows and for tours, as well as other useful information.
  • Tips for Entering the Disney theme parks ahead of the crowds - find out how you can still be near the front of the line even when you've arrived just minutes before Disneyland opens.
  • How to avoid long wait times for the rides - learn the little known tips about Disney's FastPass service plus 17 other ways to beat the crowds.
  • How to get the best spots for viewing the fireworks, parades and shows  Do you know where to stand to see Tinkerbell fly overhead?  Do you know where to look to see Tinkerbell get ready to fly and then land?
  • Disney Secrets and Fun Things to Do - find out how to steer the Mark Twain Riverboat and how to have a personal encounter with Crush - Finding Nemo's cool sea turtle.
  • Tips for Saving $$ on Food and Drinks - do you know where you can get free ice water in Disneyland and Disney's California Adventure Park?  Find out the answer to this question as well as many other ways to save money on food and drinks.
  • Find out how to meet the Disney Characters and Disney Princesses - did you know that there is a place where you can meet 4 Disney princesses without waiting in line?  Read my tips for finding characters and getting autographs and pictures. 
  • Tips for Creating Unique Photo Memories - find out how to have your picture taken with "Magical" characters.  Find out how to be part of an Exclusive character "meet and greet"
  • Souvenir Ideas  - find out the fun way to keep your kids on a souvenir budget!   Discover what Disney souvenirs you can have fun trading while right in the theme parks.
  • Hot, cold and rainy weather ideas - find out some fun solutions to take a break from the weather.
  • Bonus Section - Tips for Hard to Get Reservations at Walt Disney World  - learn about Walt Disney World's FastPass+ system.  Find out tips for getting some of the hardest reservations at Walt Disney World!
    Read what other people are saying about "Disneyland Resort Insider Tips   Revealed. The following comments come from people who have recently purchased my book.   

    Wow!  What a great book!  We literally saved hours by using your tips for staying ahead of the crowds.  Our family of four was able to enjoy most of the things on our "to do and see" list on a very busy day in Disneyland.

                                           Many thanks!      David T   Montana

    I would highly recommend your wonderful e-Book to anyone.  Your FastPass and Photo Pass system tips were invaluable. 
Even though the Disneyland packet that I received described the FastPass and Photo Pass systems, they did not cover the secrets and tips that your book revealed.  And, because of another one of your tips, we were even able to get a "group" FastPass, as first time visitors.  Your e-Book was a fantastic "reference" guide that we used again, and again.  I just printed off the pages I needed and took them with me to the theme parks-no bulky guide books to carry.

                                            Thank you      Elyse J      Texas

    Your e-Book, "Disneyland Resort Insider Tips Revealed", has been one of the best purchases that I have made.  The
easy to read format is filled with timely tips and how's to based on proven experienced visits to the Disneyland Resort in California.  I will definitely refer any of my friends and family members to your informative book!

                                            L. Kay Berman and family   Rhode Island

    Starting with the pre-planning tips you give regarding advance reservations and things to pack, the arrival strategies (I especially liked your tips for getting ahead of the crowds), FastPass secrets, to "Disney Secrets and Fun Things to Do", I was so appreciative of the thoroughness of the material.  I would highly recommend this book to anyone going to the Disneyland theme parks in California. 

                                              Keith Durr        Tempe, Az

     We have been to Disneyland many times before, so I was a bit skeptical at first that I would learn anything new from your book.  Since you have a "30 day money back guarantee", I decided to give it a try.  I'm so glad that I did.  I didn't know many of the tips you had for entering the theme parks ahead of the crowds.  My favorite tips were the ones in the section called, "Disney Secrets and Fun Things to Do".  We tried most of them and discovered "a whole other side" to the theme parks. 
Thank you for keeping your book current - there's way too much out-dated information on the internet and in most guidebooks.  I printed out your e-Book to use as an easy reference while in both theme parks.  I will definitely recommend your book to others.

                                              B.  Taylor           Wyoming

    My husband and I visited Disneyland when our daughter was 4 years old.  That was 25 years ago, so I know things have changed considerably.    Now, another trip is being planned with my granddaughter, and I want the family's experience to be the best it can possibly be.  I came across you E-book, "Disneyland Resort Insider Tips Revealed", and it immediately caught my attention.  I can't tell you how thankful I was to read it and share the useful information with my daughter and son-in-law.  We will definitely be using your E-book as our official Disneyland handbook for planning and taking our trip in the near future.   Thank you so much!

                           Sharon Hargrave      Greatful Grandmother in Houston

    I ordered your book, "Disneyland Resort Insider Tips Revealed", and I just wanted to say "thanks"!  This book is very well written and a great road map to use in navigating Disneyland and Disney's California Adventure Park.

 Lisa J       Arvada, Co

    I just wanted to thank you for your incredible E-book, "Disneyland Resort Insider Tips Revealed"!  It was the best investment I made of our entire Disneyland trip.  I could write volumes about all of the tips we used, but I'll just mention our favorites.  Your tips concerning the Character meals were so helpful.  Your book listed all of the choices in one manageable section to read in black and white (unlike all of the distracting photos and advertising on the Disney website).  Secondly, since I was on a tight budget, I really appreciated your tips on "Pin Trading" as a souvenir idea.  Pin Trading provided hours of fun for my family and ended up being an inexpensive way to collect some wonderful Disney souvenirs.  This book is a "must read" if you want to make the most of your trip to Disneyland in California.

Jan Johnston    Teacher and single mother of 3


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